We offer 3 different ways to design and build your kitchen. Regardless of which method is chosen, a new kitchen changes the feel of the entire home. We offer the removal and opening of walls in order to maximize functionality and design options.

  1. Custom Kitchens: Custom kitchens are the optimal way to build. The variety of options is limitless. Our kitchen designer will meet with you in home or in studio to establish a design and plan that fits your wants and needs. The kitchen design will then be added to the total construction plan. The cabinets are manufactured on site. This is the way to go for both service and final product. The cost level associated with custom is premium, they generally start around 22k and move upwards quickly.

  2. Manufactured Kitchens: With a blueprint of the space to be developed, a designer at one of our kitchen cabinet manufacturers will meet with you and choose the appropriate boxes from their selections to fill the space. Kitchen cabinet manufacturers provide a consistent product that is manufactured in a factory. It often takes 6-10 weeks for the process. Once the cabinets are complete, our carpenter installs them. The cost level associated with manufactured kitchens is standard, they generally start around 18k and move upwards reasonably

  3. Ikea Kitchens: With Ikeas online kitchen planning tool, the customer or a True North designer will design the kitchen. Ikea kitchens are good quality and readily available. The materials are delivered to the home, assembled and then installed by one of our carpenters. Ikea offers several premium options such as soft close and designer style hardware. There are some limitations to box color, which can be an inconvenience. From a budget perspective Ikea kitchens are great value, they generally start around 14k and move upwards affordably.